About Us

The Tuxedo Black Car Service Experience

Ivan Danilo Garcia, a Miami native from a Cuban and Spanish background faced a dilemma when planning a memorable evening for his family in the vibrant city of Miami. Despite thinking that Uber would be a convenient and affordable option for transportation, he discovered it fell short of his expectations. Dealing with long wait times, unprofessional drivers, uncomfortable cars, and safety concerns, Ivan became frustrated and disappointed. Inspired to create a superior transportation service, he founded Tuxedo Black Car Services to revolutionize the industry in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Through Tuxedo Black Car Services, Ivan ensured reliability, comfort, luxury, and affordability. He hired knowledgeable and courteous drivers who offered personalized recommendations, acquired sleek and elegant black cars equipped with modern amenities, and set competitive and transparent prices. The company garnered a loyal customer base that valued its quality and value.

Today, Tuxedo Black Car Services stands as the ultimate choice for stylish and comfortable travel in South Florida. Catering to families, business people, newlyweds, tourists, and more, they provide luxurious black car experiences for various occasions. Booking a ride online or by phone is effortless, allowing customers to relax and enjoy their journey with peace of mind.

Don't settle for anything less than you deserve. Treat yourself to the finest transportation service in town by calling Tuxedo Black Car Services and booking your next ride today!